From photos to painting...

Once upon a time I went to art school and studied painting. Although it never became a career I still love to paint and every now and again will get inspired to create a new piece. These two paintings were done for friends and as you can see are of their dearly loved pooches. Both were in Botswana. Enzo the Ridgeback was just the most beautiful dog, a city dude who found himself suddenly a bush dog in Botswana. Many times we laughed (and stressed) so much as he tried to adapt to life in the bush and around dangerous animals. He got lost in the bush on a number of occasions, barked at elephants, came within metres of a leopard without even noticing and scared the heck out of guests when they thought this paw prints were those of a Lion. 

Unfortunately, a while after I had left Botswana I heard he disappeared whilst out on a horse safari and they were unable to find him again. I was so heart broken to hear that. The beautiful Enzo xx